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Some frequently asked questions. If you have any other enquiries just drop us a line.


W H E N  S H O U L D  I  S E N D  O U T  M Y  S A V E  T H E  D A T E S ?

We would advise you to send your save the dates around 6 months prior to your wedding date to give your guests plenty of notice.

If you're getting married abroad it's best you send them out even earlier - around 9 months - to allow your guests time to book flights and hotels etc.



W H E N  S H O U L D  I  S E N D  O U T  M Y  I N V I T A T I O N S ?

If you're planning on sending save the date cards to your guests you can send your invitations around 3 months before the ceremony. If you haven't sent save the dates we would recommend you send your invites out around 6-9 months beforehand, depending on if it's a UK or overseas wedding.



W H A T ' S  T H E  D I F F E R E N C E  B E T W E E N  D A Y  A N D  E V E N I N G  I N V I T A T I O N S ?

Some clients prefer to invite some of their guests to the reception part of their wedding ceremony only and evening invitations are a great way to do this.



W H A T  S H O U L D  I  I N C L U D E  O N  M Y  R S V P  C A R D ?

As well as confirming attendance, the RSVP card can be used to collect some further information about your guests such as:

• any specific dietary requirements you should be aware of

• if they have any song suggestions for your DJ



W H A T  S H O U L D  I  I N C L U D E  O N  M Y  D E T A I L S  C A R D ?

Sending a details card with your invitation is an excellent way of including extra information which your guests may find useful. You could include details of:

• local accommodation options in the area

• parking information

• information on the bar at the reception, for example if it's a cash operated bar only

• a link to your wedding registry